Nisha Rao


Pakistan's First Transgender Lawyer


Nisha Rao is a Pakistani transgender lawyer, advocate and activist. In 2020, she became the first transgender law graduate in Pakistan. Nisha Rao recently became the first transgender person to gain admission in an MPhil (LLM - Master of Laws) programme at University of Karachi. According to the public relations office at the university, Rao is the first transgender student to have gained admission in any programme since the university's inception.

Nisha, a lawyer by profession, aims to fight for the equity and justice of transgenders in light of the rampant violence against their community. In her attempt to do so, Nisha has pledged to take up all transgender cases on a pro-bono/free of cost basis.
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A Nonprofit Organization

Trans Pride Society (TPS) is an NGO founded by Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer, Nisha Rao Advocate. TPS is the first NGO of its kind, focused on empowering members of the transgender community in Pakistan, by providing them with breakthrough opportunities to further assimilate and contribute to society.

TPS aims to empower transgenders by facilitating their education and training them in soft skills. Such steps are vital in our journey to integrate transgenders into society, eradicate pre-existing misconceptions and discrimination against transgenders (both of which are witnessed in society today).

By simultaneously fighting for transgender rights and working towards the social inclusion of transgenders in society, we at TPS believe in making an impact in society for and with transgenders and invite you to join our movement.

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